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Hi.Stories is a technological services company for cultural heritage based in the province of Catania. Our mission is to integrate digital technologies into the cultural environment. To achieve this, we create  mobile device applications, webapp, 3D printing, virtual tour in augmented reality and we use gamification and storytelling to tell a museum or a territory in a new light.  These solutions all make it easier to give visitors a more dynamic and engaging tour, using the tools that they are most familiar with.

Archaeological parks, civic museums, art galleries and historic buildings, all that is considered historical and artistic heritage can be reinterpreted in a playful and creative way, reinforcing the role of transmitting and preserving of the typical knowledge of a historical site.


We address cultural institutions and public administrations but also cultural associations, tour guides and tour operators who want to enrich their museum education offer, guided tour or multi-day tours by inserting competitive elements, cultural insights or bonuses for their customers, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet.


All research and development activities take place within the company, which also deals with 3D modelling and printing, for which we use both desktop and mobile scanners, paying particular attention to the eco-sustainability of printed products. For this, we have favoured the use of a 3D paper printer or a PLA printer, a polymer made from renewable resources, both with a very high final resolution but with a low environmental impact.  


Our staff, is able to meet all the needs of a cultural site that, while maintaining its own distinct character, is curious about and open to new digital technologies. We follow the project with internal resources from beginning to end, paying attention to the quality of each detail and compliance with delivery deadlines.

Hi.Stories is qualified to operate on the MEPA, the Italian public Administration e-marketplace.